Concrete Asia Thailand 2019

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5th,September to 7th,September,Concrete Asia Thailand has been successfully held in Bangkok,our company took advantage of the company’s strength products to participate in this exhibition, we won the heartfelt recognition and praise of the exhibitors, and reached a number of cooperation intentions.


Thailand is one of the important countries of ASEAN. Its geographical position is superior, political and economic environment is stable, its radiation is strong to neighboring countries, and the domestic market has a large capacity. A recent global investment situation survey showed that Thailand ranked fourth after China, India and the United States, and became one of the most worthwhile countries for investors.


This exhibition is a grand event in the construction industry, attracting world-renowned companies including Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Germany, South Korea and Indonesia. At the same time, it also attracted professional businessmen from many countries and regions around the world to come to the exhibition, the exhibition industry is highly targeted, and the business cooperation atmosphere is strong.


At the exhibition, our company received customers from Thailand, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and other countries and regions, and talked about the details and prospects of cooperation. The exhibition achieved initial success.


Through the exhibition, our company has expanded our reputation in the global market, increased the understanding of our products in the international market, and the face-to-face conversation has also enhanced the confidence of the industry customers in the strength and credit of our company. Laid a certain foundation for the continuous development and growth of the follow-up market.

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